A number of recommended websites with practical information, backgrounds, procedures, and experiences.

An informative and practical website about everything involved in a divorce. The website is an initiative of the Dutch Association of family law lawyers and divorce mediators (Vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators, vFAS).

Rechtspraak.nl is the official website of the district courts, courts of appeal, the Central Appeals Court (CRvB)the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal (CBb), the Netherlands Supreme Court, and the Counsel for the Administration of Justice, with information about Dutch law and procedures pertaining to family matters and divorces.

Stichting Villa Pinedo is an online forum where children of divorced parents can share their experiences and make adults aware of them. Parents can attend online workshops to help their children in dealing with a divorce as well as possible.

In divorce situations, the child voice interpreter looks at the interests and experiences of the child and translates these for the parents. Child’s voice interpreting is a voluntary process. The professional association’s website offers introductory information.

Emotions can become very intense during a divorce and are often an obstacle as they are impossible to control. Brechje van Geenen offers coaching and training to make the divorce process and emotions transparent and manageable.

The Dutch International Child Abduction Centre (Centrum Internationale Kinderontvoering) offers up-to-date information, advice, and counselling to anyone who has encountered (impending) international child abduction in his or her personal or professional environment.

The Dutch National Maintenance Contributions Collection Agency (Landelijk Bureau Inning Onderhoudsbijdragen, LBIO) performs the collection of child maintenance and partner maintenance.

The National Institute for Budget Information (Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting, NIBUD) has an informative and practical website with tips and calculations for finances.

This website offers more information about the division of your old-age pension after the divorce, including practical brochures and forms.

The Dutch Association of family law lawyers and divorce mediators (Vereniging van Familierecht Advocaten Scheidingsmediators, vFAS)

Counts approximately 950 lawyers specialized in the law of persons and family law. All members must complete specialised training before being admitted as a member of the association.

Each lawyer in the Netherlands is a member of the Dutch Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten). The association drafts professional rules and rules of conduct and monitors these.

Together with the tax consultancy Team Vervoort, we have created two PDF brochures.