Child maintenance

Parents are legally responsible for the care and education of their children.

A financial arrangement must be made when you are divorced. The agreements made are included in the parenting plan. If that does not happen, the court will determine the amount.

The child maintenance obligation remains valid until a child reaches the age of 18. Children between 18 and 21 years old are subject to a continued maintenance obligation for living expenses and study expenses.

Most parents agree that they will continue to support their children financially afterwards, for as long as they are attending a course of study or training course.

Partner maintenance

If one of the spouses or registered partners cannot support themselves, the other one has the obligation to contribute to these expenses—if feasible.

We discuss rights and obligations, using our maintenance calculations, among other aids. The court can determine an amount when you and your (soon-to-be) ex-partner cannot agree with each other.

The duration of partner maintenance is subject to statutory periods, depending on the length of the marriage and whether there are children. The payment obligation ceases after twelve years or sooner if the ex-partner remarries, begins cohabitation or enters into a registered partnership.

In other cases, e.g. when the ex-partner begins to work, this can constitute a reason for revising the amount of the maintenance or even terminating it.