Auto met kerstboom

Anne was a friend from primary school. We only found out when she was sitting in front of me in my office. She had had an adventurous life, but had eventually settled with Peter; at the time an adventurous guy. Together they had three children. He had a glittering career in IT and playing golf was his great hobby. Unfortunately it had become more than a hobby and nowadays demanded all his time and attention at the expense of his work and his family. Anne thought it was a phase (a midlife crisis?) and that it would be all right in the end. In the meantime, she took on more and more tasks; Peter not being available. Except the kids and some volunteer work she took over the entire administration, at the same time bringing in an ever-increasing part of the family income. Anne turned out a pro at PR and made one after the other career step. The great deception started five years ago. After selling shares in a startup he owned, Peter received a nice sum of money. Without consulting with Anne, he quit his job. He’d had enough of his job for so long, he told her. This was the first time she heard that. He was going to do it all differently now. At first: take it easy and make a plan.  the making of plans went nowhere. What did happen: traveling: to the most beautiful and most famous golf courses in the world. Freedom – that was real life, he thought. When his money ran out he felt that Anne should support him. She had such a good income! It had been enough for Anne now. The divorce proceedings were started. Peter did not want to give up his new life and asked for alimony. He said he had been out of a job for too long to fit in again and was too old to find another job. Fortunately, the judge did not agree. Finally Anne was also free.

23 March 2022