Divorce quickly and easily

Snel en simpel scheiden

Many lawyers try to prevent a bitter contentious divorce. Fortunately, in most cases everything is arranged through mediation with the help of specialized family law lawyers.

The judiciary is also trying to actively help in seeking compromises. Currently there is a trial in two courts with a new procedure. Using a simple form parents can ask the court to help them. The procedure is mainly intended for parents with minor children, who are breaking up and not yet agreeing on everything, but want to have a solution by way of a speedy court intervention. The court will actively try to look for a solution, with the help of both parties and their lawyers. If an agreement is not reached, the judge decides. An additional advantage is that the proceedings are short, so the parents have clear results much quicker than in ordinary proceedings.

What can be asked of the judge in this format? For example: where the children will be registered (with which parent); the division of the days that the children are with one of the parents; in what way parents keep each other informed about the children; child support; the partner alimony; which parent can continue to live in the home during the proceedings and: how to divide common property.

Speed is important in these kinds of procedures. Breaking up is a very difficult process and everyone suffers. The first experiences with this new method are positive. One nice initiative!

22 March 2022